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Drawing on Content Knowledge, Standards, and Resources to Design Lessons – EDU6150 Course Reflection

4.  Content Knowledge: The teacher uses content area knowledge, learning standards, appropriate pedagogy and resources to design and deliver curricula and instruction to impact student learning. Program standard 4 discusses how proficient and effective teachers rely on a combination of … Continue reading

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EDTC6431 Final Project

During the final four weeks of Learning with Technology, each student created a lesson that integrates technology with course content.  As I will be student teaching in second grade, I chose to use a second grade Social Studies Standard as … Continue reading

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ISTE Standard 6 – Helping Students Without Access to Technology Develop Competency

Question: What resources exist and how can we help students, who may not have access to technology at home, become competent users of technology systems? ISTE Standard 6’s objective is to have “students demonstrate a sound understanding of technology concepts, … Continue reading

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Improving Collaboration through the Co-Teaching Model – EDU6918 Course Reflection

Professional Practice Criteria – The teacher participates collaboratively in the educational community to improve instruction, advance the knowledge and practice of teaching as a profession, and ultimately impact student learning. Program standard 8 suggests that educators engage with one another … Continue reading

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ISTE Standard 5 – The Importance of Digital Footprint Education

Question: How can we best teach students about digital footprints?  What are the most important things they should know? ISTE Standard 5’s central theme is focused on digital citizenship, which encompasses safe use of technology, exhibiting a positive attitude toward … Continue reading

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ISTE Standard 4 – Using Computer Games to Develop Problem Solving Skills in Children

Question: What online games exist that support and encourage critical thinking, problem solving, and collaborating with others? The central focus of ISTE Standard 4 is helping “students use critical thinking skills to plan and conduct research, manage projects, solve problems, … Continue reading

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